Question about listings....

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  1. I have noticed in a few different listings that people post, that sometimes seller's will say in their listing about the item being dirty, can be cleaned...for example:

    As a seller, woudnt it be BETTER to just clean it up BEFORE you list it?

    To me, that is like selling a house and leaving it dirty and saying "Well, if you clean it up, it will be just fine!" :confused1:

    Why do some sellers do this?
  2. I have never done that before. I am assuming that if they have to pay to get it cleaned & the item doesn't sell.... then the seller wasted money. They probably want to make sure someone really wants it & tell the buyer to do it themselves. Kinda gross though. It's just a thought :smile:
  3. Hm, that's weird. I can't imagine why someone would say that. Why not try to make it as clean as possible before posting it for sale? I'm guessing the seller couldn't get the item clean and wrote that to make it appear as if she disclosed the item's flaw. I think she could have said it in a better way but maybe she didn't know how.
  4. I did that recently. I got an authentic bag at an estate sale but it needed a cleaning on the outside (the leather) the inside was clean. It was going to cost about $75.00 to clean it so I just listed it 'as is', it went for $120.00, the buyer had it cleaned, relisted and sold it for $250.00!!! I have no problem with that, good for her! I asked her how she cleaned it (it looked really good) and she said she had it done professionally for $75.00.

    Why didn't I just clean it? I was afraid to ruin it, and since I only paid $25.00 for it, I was just interested in moving it out.

  5. People are afraid of ruining it... Some people are better at getting things cleaned than others!
  6. Got it! Thanks for the responses....I guess I failed to think outside the box on this! :smile: LOL
  7. Lol yeah I just did this with a couple of tops I listed as a lot, I didn't want to ruin one of them before I sold them so I left it up to the buyer.