Question about listing my Chloe multipocket Silverado?? HELP please!

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  1. :confused1:
    Hi Ladies.
    I need help with this.
    I have recently been reading alot of your posts regarding Ebay removing auctions...this of course due to the many counterfeits flooding the auction site.
    I understand this completely.

    I recently purchased a Chloe hazelnut multipocket Silverado from Aloha Rag.
    I now realize I really don't need the bag at all.:crybaby:


    The bag of course is authentic and from a very reputable site, but being that I am also new to ebay would this also pose another problem??:shrugs:

    I would really hate to spend so much time and put forth alot of effort and then have ebay take my auction down.:cursing:

    I really need to list this quick...PLEASE HELP!:sad:

    ANY TIPS?:confused1:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I don't know what you can do to guarantee that you don't have your auction taken down. But I can tell you what I would do in your position, if you like?

    As you bought it from Aloha Rag, I would state that clearly in my listing and include all evidence, like packaging, tags etc. in my pics. I would also offer to show a pic of the invoice to anyone who would like to see it.

    I would also make sure to state that the bag is fully guaranteed to be an authentic Chloe and include enough close-up pics of all the imortant details, like logos, inside and out.

    Hope this helps. :biggrin:
  3. I would say that "I am not an authorized chloe reseller, this bag is from my personal collection"
  4. Agree with above.

    Good luck with your sale!
  5. ^I also agree with all of the above.:yes:

    Perhaps you could mention in your listing that you are happy to provide any extra pics to any prospective buyer, or to Ebay, to prove it's authenticity.

    Watermark your pictures, or place a piece of paper with your user ID next to your bag on each and every picture.
    That way, Ebay will know that the bag is actually in your possesion and not awaiting shipment from Hong Kong!;)

    Also, please please make sure that you 'mark' your bag in some way if you do have a successful sale, a way that only you will know if the bag has been tampered with...and to avoid any potential bait and switch from fraudulent 'buyers'.
    (I've used luggage tags and home made tags in the past)

    Good luck!:heart:
  6. ^^^Excellent advice!!!
  7. Thanks everyone! Hopefully, I'll be able to sell it. Ebay seems to be getting a bit tough lately. It's such a beauty, I hope it finds a good home.:shame:
  8. No worries- ebay should pick up soon now that the holidays are so close!! I am sure you will sell in no time!
  9. Okay, so here goes!..:s wish me luck girls...I'm gonna try and list her tonight..:shame: I'm a newbie and hoping I don't run into any problems...:s
  10. :rolleyes: you don't need to say that. I actually find it very annoying and hit the back button on auctions that do say that.

    Take MANY MANY clear pictures of all pojnts on the bag that would help clarify authenticy. Also, take a clear picture of the receipt if you have one. The new policy for listing designer bags, is you have to be Paypal Verified and have your account linked to your ebay account. You should be okay, unless you have low feedback under 50.