Question about linings and colors.

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Dec 23, 2007
I know Gung started a lining reference thread. Great idea. It didn't go very far though. Most of use a new and don't really know anything about past season's.
I loved seeing all the linings. It is also great for authencity should RM fakes start surfacing.
Is there any reference for linings and the color they came in? Mainly in the MA/MAM since they have been around the longest. Or is there any way we could come up withone? Kinda challenging since alot of us a fairly new!
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Apr 19, 2007
In the moment
I have only seen FOUR different linings.. but I'm sure I could be missing something. The other girls probably know more than me but here goes:

There was a striped lining that was red & white

There was another striped/ spotted lining that was green & blue I think..?

Another was the black satin fluer de lis

And lastly but not least (my favorite) the black & white canvas floral this all of them??
Not open for further replies.