Question About Light Colored B-bags....

  1. I was wondering if it's okay to use lubriderm on a light colored b-bag....I just got a sky blue city and although it's really pretty...I'm not really liking the leather on it.So, I was sitting here contemplating if I should put some lubriderm on it but then thought it'd be a better idea to ask first before anything goes wrong.

    So I was wondering has anyone really tired to use lubriderm on a light colored balenciaga bag ? And if anyone has tried it..can you please post pictures ? Thanks.;)
  2. My experience with Lubriderm wasn't the best. It made the leather looking like it had deep creases/scratches. I always use Apple leather cinditioner and spray afterwards to tprotect the bag and to make the leather much softer and less veiny. This actually worked on all my B-bags (cornflower, ink, grenat, sapin, rouge vif) With apple the bag is protected against water, stains and colour transfer. But a lot of girls had good experiences with Lubriderm.
  3. I haven't. I'm all about the purity of the bag. Not to mention light colored bags don't have as much dye on them as darker ones so it may mess the bag up.
  4. I wouldnt recommend using lubriderm or apple lotion on sky blue. the color is very light and could yellow. also all the sky blue's I've seen have that awesome three dimensional color and great leather- the only reason I would suggest using apple lotion would be if the leather felt ESPECIALLY dry, crackley or hard.
  5. never treat my b-bags with anything. maybe you should just give a massage to the bag :P