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  1. I know that some of you already bought from let-trade or other sellers in Hong Kong. Did you have to pay customs and if yes, how much (compared to the price of your item) was it? And of course: where do you live? :amuse:
    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. i'm in canada, nope didnt have to pay customs. Not sure if it was due to the price of the item or not.
  3. I have bought from other sellers over there and have never had to pay customs, and i live in Iowa
  4. In the US and didn't have the pay customs. I think I've only ever paid customs once though on an item.
  5. Yay, thanks everyone! :biggrin:
  6. I just got something from let-trade today and had no problems with customs.
  7. How long did it take to receive your item? I'm in Canada too and considering purchasing from let-trade. Thanks!
  8. I am in Michigan - no customs fee and it took about a week and a half.
  9. maybe a week, wasnt long at all.
  10. Thanks :flowers:
  11. I always use EMS and I get in 3 days. Never had a problem with customs.
  12. Yeah, I always go for the 3 day service too ... I think it's only $7 extra. I ordered it Friday or Saturday, and it came today!
  13. I've purchased bags from all over the world, and never paid customs. Knocks on wood...
  14. i'm in indonesia, and i never paid for customs as long that it's stated that the item is wirth under 100US$, but if i was sent an lv, and they only know that lv is expensive, sometimes they try to knock me off by asking me to pay ridiculous custom. for ex. : i was sent a bottega worth 1000$, and they made me pay 100$ for custom, but when i was send an lv worth 600$, they asked me to pay 400$ which i refuse flatly and asked for the bag to be return and ask a friend who live there to bring it for me next time she's back to indo.
  15. Canadians are allowed a maximum 50Cdn gift before having to pay duty. Americans are allowed 200US.
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