Question about Let-trade...

  1. So I was just looking at the Let-trade site and was wondering why they had ALL that LV? They had an auction for a Speedy 30 for only $250 BIN, Why did I buy it new for $600??? I know you guys said their stuff is authentic, but I am just wondering why they have so much?
  2. I'm sure just the call for it. They have the connection to pick it up used for a good buck so way not.
    I guess the difference in paying 250 and 600 is if you are picky and dont like patina you have to go new. If you like an already loved bag get used and enjoy using it.
  3. keeping in mind the handles arent the best
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    But if you're buying a buy as a winter or abuse bag it would be perfect..
  4. ^^^I see....thanks for pointing that out. So they just pick them up for cheap and sell them for pretty cheap then?
  5. Let-Trade Is Out Of Hong Kong. From What I've Read (Especially Here)....There Is So Much Authentic Re-Sale There. So, That Is Why They Have So Much. Does That Sound Right......Can Any One Help Me Out? .......BTW, I Have Bought From Them & I Know Many Who Have & Are So Happy.

    ***In My Opinion, Most Of Their Prices Are Right On Target, For Resale. KWIM? :smile:
  6. Could someone tell me what website this is? or give me a link.
  7. I think it's the Let-Trade seller on Ebay
  8. I have heard that a lot of the bags in Hong Kong are 90% new, only used for a few months and then taken to resale. Which is a good thing if you want a fairly new bag at a resale price!
  9. Yes there is a high amount of resales. I know in Japan there are alot of shops that sell used high-end bags.
  10. I haven't bought from let trade; but have heard from buyers that say sometimes they end up with items that smell musty????
  11. I think it's because of the high humidity there, moth balls are often used in storage
  12. I think the smell issue is one that you might have with alot of sellers in that area. But IMO Let Trade is very honest and fairly describes the bags.
  13. I bought 2 bags from Let-Trade and they did not smell at all. I guess it depends on the previous owner of the bag?
  14. How come that/those person/people or organization re-sell at that price? In Hong Kong the price for LV merchandise is much higher than in what one would pay here in the U.S. market. Chinese from Hong Kong and Japanese from Japan come to France or to the USA to buy brand new merchandise because its far cheaper than back in their respective home countries.So, if that is the case....Why do they want to sell to Americans and only to those that have a confirmed address? Have you seen all of their stock? They are selling some high priced items at really ridiculous prices. I heard that the prices on the black market in Asia are very close to retail prices, even for second hand bags. This is great for us but something is not right here....If it sounds too good to be true....
  15. Hi, I personally know the Let-Trade seller. I met up with him to buy some bags (I live in HK, as well), and they are authentic, and this is how he told me he gets the bags....they have a network of well-known HK celebrities, that pass of their bags (some given as gifts, others purchased), as soon as they are not the latest goods. HK people are fickle with their bags, it seems, and want the NEWEST things out there...that is why the second-hand market here is so amazing! You don't have to worry about authenticity with them...from everything he told me, and my personal experience with him...they are completely legit!