Question about Legacy Shoulder bag.....

  1. Is last year's Legacy Shoulder Bag (the one with the two front pockets) any bigger than this year's version? Is the strap any longer? I tried on this year's version and the strap is just too short, it's just not really comfortable. I love the look of last year's version, but if it's the same, it still wouldn't work.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't think there is much difference...the measurements of my 06 version are approx: 13x7.25x4 with the strap 16" long with an 8" drop. Did you try adjusting the buckle on the strap to give yourself a touch more room? Have you looked at the Mandy's? It's a bigger bag all the way around and there are still some on eBay at good prices. Good luck!
  3. I think I did try adjusting it. I LOVE the Mandy, I've been watching some on eBay. So the Mandy has a longer shoulder strap?
  4. Looks like it has about a 9-10" drop. Since it's a bigger bag, it slouches more. It's beautiful!! It is much larger than the shoulder and a lot heavier. But you can't go wrong with Legacy Leather!!
  5. I agree with kphillips' comments and measurements. It's my favorite bag, but I really do prefer a longer drop (like Ali)---I can tell you that the shoulder bags that I've worn the most (pond and whiskey) have broken in nicely, and on the third buckle, I can swing it on my shoulder easily now with one hand (if that makes sense). My less used brown and back-up whiskey ride a little higher than I care for. HTH