question about legacy patent items...

  1. After seeing Mazie May's purple Francince, I think I'm in love and might possibly be getting this w/ next months PCE.

    I was wondering if anyone knows if there will be patent legacy wristlets coming out as well and what colors and the prices would be?

    Also, how much is the legacy patent wallet...i'm becoming obsessed i think. TIA!
  2. I recently ordered this one, and I believe it was $218. Beautiful wallet.
    patent wallet 001.jpg patent wallet 002.jpg

  3. what color is that wallet ? its cute
  4. Its the teal patent legacy french wallet.
  5. slight hijack..
    wow... I was liking that purple color but I'm LOVING that teal color!!!! Can't wait to see what else comes out (not that I'm letting myself buy it..)