Question about leather?

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  1. I have seen alot of pics on here and ebay of legacy bags. Well I was in the store today and the SA brought out a couple of the new bags from the legacy line. The bags seemed shiny and the leather wasn't heavy at all. I know some people have said there legacy bags are heavy. Are they different types of leather or is the shine just not showing up in the pics I have seen? The leather seemed light and not at all thick. I don't really care for the shine and the bags seem very slouchy. Not at all what I expected.
  2. Coach just changed the Leather to the Garcia leather. The old legacy line has a different kind of leather, now making them collectibles!
    Try ebay if you want a bag from the 06-07 Legacy line.
  3. Yes, the new leather is thinner and shinier.

    '06 is the best IMO on the leather.

    I do love the '07 leigh though!
  4. Yes, the new bags are garcia leather, a thin shiny leather. Check out the photo...this compares the older vintage vachetta '07 line with the new '08 garcia. I'm sure you can tell which is which, but the amethyst bag is garcia leather.

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  5. All I can say is WOW. There is huge difference between both bags. I like the older one much better than the newer one. The leather just looks better. I imagine it even feels better too.