Question about leather on new Medallion Totes

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  1. Sorry if this question has been asked or answered before, but I recently got my new caviar Medallion tote from Saks and I feel like the leather is not as "pebbley" (pardon if that's not a word) as my black caviar GST ... some areas of the Medallion it's almost as if there is no pebbling at all ... is this normal? I feel like I read a while back that some bags now have the "washed caviar" ... do you all think this could be my case?

    Thanks in advance, you all are the best!
  2. I don't know that much about medallions but I have a feeling that yours might be the "washed caviar" version. Is the material "softer" than your GST?
  3. Yes, much softer ... it almost seems more delicate too like it might scratch or tear easier ... *sigh*

  4. Definitely sounds like washed caviar. My Medallion is very pebbly and stiff. Try and exchange it. I know that the normal caviar ones are still available :smile: