Question about leather discoloration

I'm planning on making my first Bal purchase within the next few months (graduation gift :biggrin:), and I have my eyes set on a GSH Black City. However, the more I read here about the leather turning green, the more apprehensive I'm getting. This will be the first time I'm spending more than $300 on a bag, and I want it to LAST. For that reason, I'm considering the Anthracite color instead.

My questions are....does the black color REALLY turn green as often as it seems to on tPF? And is the Anthracite color more "true" (aka doesnt turn to a different color with wear)


Nov 1, 2008
Hey there...

I have had about 7 black Bal bags, and not all of them have turned "green". Most of them have stayed a true black. Only my 05 black City seems to have turned green, and not "green" per se - but the edges seem to have taken on a faint greenish cast, if I stare at the bag really hard, in the sunlight. But, I guess the trouble is that SOME black Bals are prone to turning green and you wouldn't know which ones. It doesn't really bother me, though.

As for Anthra, while I haven't heard of it changing colour, I've seen many Anthras fade over time.