question about leather brooke

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  1. can I apple the pebbled leather with conditioner and can it be sprayed with the apple rain guard? tia
  2. does anyone have the pebbled leather brooke and has appled it? tia
  3. I don't have the pebbled leather. I have the crackled metallic gunmetal Brooke I have sprayed her with apple and it is a more delicate material than pebbled with no problem. From my experience with pebble leathers they can really take a beating and hold up well. You can usually also just wipe them down becuse the leather is so sturdy.

    If you have the care card that comes with it, read it for more care of that particular leather of Coach. But I don't see a problem with apple if you use it, test in a small area and check after a day or so.

    Hope this helps.
  4. I have applied apple conditioner on my coach leather brooke in taupe. It looks fine. I love the leather!