Question about leather boots

  1. I can't see your pics very well as they are rather fuzzy but from what i can see it looks like they've been worn.....
  2. That's what I thought- that's gross.:yucky:
  3. It's probably just from storage. Try sticking your hand inside and "undenting" them, sometimes that works. Another thing to try is stick some wash cloths, hand towels, paper towels even... whatever... then give it a few days to get a nice shape. Hope that helps. Good luck! :tup:
  4. Thanks!
  5. It worked thanks! I hope it's not worn because I looked inside the boot and the insole is still fluffy and it doesn't smell LOL.
  6. that could have happen if someone so much as tried them on an walked around for a minute - the uppers are going to bend. it's not a defect.