Question about Leah

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  1. About a year ago i got a large op art leah at the outlet for a great price and was so excited i never actually looked in the bag. a couple of days ago i was going through my bags and realized she doesn't have the creed at all. is this normal?
  2. My signature Leah has a creed patch.
  3. i feel weird about mine now.
  4. Do you perchance still have the receipt? My outlet told me that if you bring it back with receipt and tags, it doesn't matter what the timeframe is.
  5. Mine has a creed too... do you have any pics of it?
  6. Do you know if it was MFF? Is it the duffle/weekender size?
  7. Is it the MFF version?

    If its the larger one, I think that is actually considered one of their "business" totes -maybe that is why there isn't a creed?