question about las vegas stock

  1. has anyone been to Las Vegas recently? I am leaving tomorrow and want to know if anyone has seen a petite timeless shopper or a diamond stich tote?
    also is anything left that is on sale, like the mademoiselle bags, at either the Wynn, Bellagio or NM?
  2. I can answer part of your questions! NM Las Vegas didn't have ANY Chanel bags on sale other than a Luxe Denim multipocket tote. Their mademoiselle bags did NOT go on sale. :shrugs:
  3. Saks at Dadeland had the large, large, large black with silver mademoiselle bag for sale, it came to something like $1,800 after discount, I loved it but could not buy another thing, if interested call my SA Lazara at 305-662-8655 ext 355