Question about Large Pelham availability

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  1. I was just on the Gucci website, and I noticed that the Large Pelham bag is no longer on there. I swear it was on there when I looked yesterday!

    Does that mean that they will be available at the outlet soon? Has anyone seen them at the outlets? I'm shopping for my very first Gucci and have my heart set on that bag!

    Thanks y'all :biggrin:
  2. Are you referring to the classic Pelham tote with the braided straps, the new Pelham tote, or the Pelham studded shoulder bag?
  3. this style have not been in large - only small and medium
    - in my opinion - the medium are a nice "big" size -I'm a big girl, who like big bags, and I found this size perfect.
  4. Queen is right. The small is more of a medium size while the medium is more of a large size. Perhaps it will show up at the outlets soon. This style has been classic for so long, I guess Gucci is making room for the newer classics.
  5. There was a black one on Maybe it will pop up again. Keep checking! I stalk that site almost everyday lol.