question about large musette

  1. Do you think the large musette is too manly looking in damier?? Does it look better in this bag in mono for a female? thanks
  2. I prefer mono musette...
  3. I much prefer the mono in this style. I do think the Damier is a little masculine looking.
  4. Mono for sure!
  5. I have it in damier and I love it!
  6. Actually, I'm not a fan of the Musette, but if I bought it, I would get it in Damier (and I'm a woman!) Let us know which you wind up buying!!!
  7. do you have any modeling pictures of you with it? I would love to see it on someone. thanks
  8. I think damier and mono both look good, however damier is more practical. But in terms of masculinity, I don't think the bag looks masculine in damier.
  9. I had the bag in mono... I'm personally tired of too much mono.... I opted to get it in Damier and I love it though I haven't carried it once yet...
  10. i agree w/ the others, i think mono is more feminine.