Question about large multipockets

  1. Do all authentic large multipockets have about a half-inch of contrast stitching on the side of the bag, above the piping up to the shield?
  2. yikes... you may need to provide a picture of that so we know exactly what you're referring to.
  3. Here is a photo of the stitching I'm referring to from my amethyst large multipocket. I'm just wondering if this stitching was not included consistently from season to season. Thanks!
  4. ^ I don't see why it wouldn't be included, he rarely changes details like that I've noticed. I don't own a lg MP, so I can't compare.. hopefully one of the other gals will come along and help. If I see any photos on eBay I'll let you know.
  5. I have a geranium large mp and it's an old season color. I can't really tell what year it came out but I know for sure it's old :p. It's funny that I've never paid attention to every little details of the bag until you mentioned it. The answer, yes my large mp has that 1/2 inch stitching on the side. I guess it's consistent from season to season. You are safe, my friend :yes:
  6. I just checked a tPF MP listing for a fall white MP and her bag has the same stitching on the side too.

    So I'd deduce from chloe's bag and the MP listing that this is a consistent detail for the large MP.
  7. Thanks to all of you! I really appreciate the input!