Question about Large lambskin tote

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  1. Does anyone own this bag? Do you have photos? Can it still be found? What's the retail?

    TIA :flowers:

  2. I am NOT that familiar with this tote but it looks similar to one I was the Modern Chain N/S Tote. I think the price was around $2600? This is a beautiful bag as well. This is NOT the Modern Chain though....and the one I saw was a "glazed" leather.

    Hopefully someone with more knowledge of Chanel can help.
  3. This is the Sharpey, you can do a search for it, several people here have it and love it.
    My NM still has these.
  4. Ah, thank you! The hunt is on ... :drool:
  5. woah! Read our rules please!
  6. I actually see this tote in the brown & white color in real life & I keep going back to feel the leather. It's soooooo soft & luxurious!!! The tote is stunning! If I have the money, I will definitely buy it! :smile:
  7. Yep - that's the tote! I think my NM has this in Patent as well? These are luxurious looking.
  8. If anyone knows of a Saks that carries it please let me know. I am going to call my SA at the Saks on 5th as well. Unfortunately, I am using a Saks GC towards the bag so NM is not an option. :sad: