Question About Large Hampton Signature Carryall (Did I Buy A Broken Bag?)

  1. Ok I just bought the HAMPTONS SIGNATURE LARGE CARRYALL, I have a question about the main big zipper, when you unzip it, is it normal for the clasp side of the zip to become unhooked to the reciever side and that you have to hook it back onto it in order to zip it back up everytime you unzip it? Or was I sold a broken bag?
  2. If it opens like a jacket, yes it is supposed to. It allows access to the wholoe bag, esp if you unhook or whatever the top of the bag.
  3. Ok but with a jacket you have to unhook it yourself, so is it supposed to become unhooked by itself?
  4. Hi, I had a look at a few on eBay for you, in the photos it looks like the zipper is meant to come apart, and the 2 sides fall into the bag for easy access.

    All the Coach totes I have with a zipper top work that way :smile:
  5. Yes, it is supposed to come apart. Mine works that way too. I don't normally zip mine closed anyway unless it's raining or something, so I like the feature of it being open like that.
  6. I have a medium and is happens too. It's the way they work.