question about large ergo tote-

  1. I am fairly new to Coach and was wondering about the Large Ergo totes being sold on eBay (I recently purchased one on eBay and had you gals check it out for me -looked authentic) there are so many of them being sold on eBay, are they purchased from an outlet? I'm wondering how these people are making money off of them when they are purchased from Coach at a higher price than what they get on the bid.
    I see the sig, large ergo tote that i bought, is no longer sold on the website. Once that happens, do they then go to outlets?
    Sorry if this is a stupid queston! I'm just concerned that maybe the one i bought could still be a fake.

    Also, when looking up a no. on drilldown, is it possible that not all no.s can be looked up?
    Thank you so much for any replies!!!
  2. Lots of bags sold on ebay are from the outlet. You usually can tell if it is an outlet bag by the little "bullseye" mark on the creed inside. These bags also get purchased at department stores, like Dillards, etc. They have big sales and markdowns when they get newer bags in and can be bought at a great price. Not all #'s do come up on the drilldown, esp made for outlet bags(I believe). I would think your new Ergo should be on the drilldown, but maybe I am mistaken. You said you posted pics on here for authentication? These girls are good and know there stuff, but if you are still worried posts new pics on here or take it in to a Coach store and see if they can help.
    Congrats on your new bag!
  3. Ahhh I see. The ERgo that I bought does not have a bullseye on the creed (that i can see), so probably was purchased from a dept. store since is not on the website anymore?
    I looked it up on drilldown and it did not come up. I would have thought it would come up being that it is fairly new??? That is what is making me a little skeptical that it may not be real. I do trust what the gals on here say, and they told me it was authentic!!! When I receive it, I will definately post better pics just to be sure. It would be embarassing walking around w/a fake Coach! Thank you for your expertise, it really helps alot!
  4. These are currently in the outlets for $389 and 30% off of that so they are going for about $278.
  5. I know some of the "older" signature ergos are going for great prices at the dept stores. They are from the spring and they are the khaki/camel color. Dillards was having(don't know if they still are) sale on older coach merchandise.
  6. Dillards is awesome! Just today, I bought a black signature Ergo shoulder bag, I think it is the medium sized one. I got it for about $140! It was marked 25% off and then an extra 30% off the sale price. I love getting a good deal!!

  7. Wow! what a steal! I will check it out!
  8. Plus the Tanger outlets are doing the extra 25% off for breast cancer bringing it down to around $200.