Question about Large Ergo Tote Turquoise

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  1. #1 Jan 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    Hello, I have not been around for a while my DH had lost his job. All is well now tho. He was able to get a better job! In a way it worked out that he lost his old one or he would never have found this new opportunity. Anyways I have to update some new pics of some of my recent purchases. I am at the moment looking for a Large Ergo Tote in Turqoise. I saw a lady with one and fell in love. Any idea were the best place to look for one is? TIA
  2. That bag is a couple of years old. I think your only bet is ebay. It rarely comes up but I know arsweb just found one last week at a great price. She has a thread from a couple of days ago. Good Luck!
  3. I will keep an eye out on the *bay for the bag then. Thanks
  4. I didn't know they made a turquoise. I have a pond, which is similiar IMO -- by the pic, that is.
  5. I have the turquoise one, found it on eBay a few months back. They pop up every couple months or so.

    They never made this style in the "Pond" color, per JAX.
  6. I have it in the pond patent. I believe it's this style. Legacy lining inside, dog leather closure........
  7. Ah ha!! That makes sense now.
    That is actually a different style number.
    This one is 10744 I believe you have 11012.
    10744 is a large ergo, I think yours is more of a medium, I know it is smaller than the one I have anyway.

    10744_b4tu-1_d2.jpg 11012_b4pd_a0_front.jpg
  8. Oh, good luck in your quest, it's a darling bag! I did just find one on eBay, and I'd given up on looking months ago. I had the style number saved in my eBay searches, but this seller didn't even list the style number (and had the color listed as teal) so it never popped up on my radar. It was a total fluke that I saw it when the auction was about to end (searching for "Coach leather" items that were ending soon)! Anyway, it pays to search randomly!
  9. Congrats Arsweb! I will do some random searches. I am crossing my finger and hope I find one. This is definatly an HG bag for me.
  10. Oh, ok. Now that you have them pictured together, they don't look anything alike!
  11. The large has a turnlock and came in turquoise. The medium has a snap and came in pond. Anyway....I agree that ebay is your best bet. That is where I found my large black ergo tote and LOVE it. Good luck in your quest!!!

  12. It is too bad that your DH lost his job, but its great that he got a better one. This has happened to my friends and myself at different times. I remember one friend fretting and stressing that he cannot find another job but he kept applying over and over again and got an even better job and he said that it was a good learning experience. Also, once we're stuck in a certain employment 'rut' we're too scared that change is not going to work on our behalf.

    Time and time again, I had to leave a job that I thought I'd like. But, TBH, I was bored out of my mind. I went back to school and kept trying over and over again. I am now on the other side and extremely happy. I can afford to buy a few Coach luxuries (on sale, of course) and I am enjoying my work. For me, it wasn't really fear per se but being constantly kicked out of the proverbial Garden of E, I kept finding myself in a better and better place. Is a good learning experience. We could always try to better ourselves.
  13. SuperMom2-- I've been hunting for the turquoise Ergo Hobo for some time now. These bags are sooooo gorgey :drool: but so hard to find. GL with you hunt, and can't wait to hear some good news! I'll keep my eyes out for your tote while I search for mine!
  14. I own both the Ergo Tote and Ergo Hobo in Turquoise. These bags are
    HG Bags for me. These are truly two of the nicest bags Coach has ever
    made. Good luck with your search!
    IMG0001_65.jpg IMG0003_36.jpg IMG0002_32.jpg