question about laponos !

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  1. Hi ladies, i just bought the black patent laponoss.. for a good deal too ( $350).. but i feel like my feet can just slip right out of them esspecially if i wear stockings.. does anyone else have this problem, and if so, how do u fix it !??

    thnx !:yahoo:
  2. hi bridget i dont think your feet will slip out of them i also have this problem walk around your house in them and see how you feel
  3. ireneee this is too funny, we are writing to eachother on here ! yea ive been walking around lol.. im gunna wear socks and then tights.. then they will fit
  4. Mine felt like that but it's only because they have a low heel. You could always buy the heel grips

    Great deal bte Enjoy them !
  5. yeah i have the same problem, really need some get used to because their heel cut very low compare to other shoes.

    a pair of heel grip does work but it wont eliminate the 'feeling' of slipping out... but your shoes are not going to fall off your feet, its just that the heel cuts too low... i love them!
  6. yea i was walking around in them today, and they just " feel " like they will fall off but they dont, so its good. thnxx !