Question about Lady dior color

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  1. Is the lady grey london (patent) the same color as the original lady dior in gray (patent)?

    So if they are the same, the only difference between them is the strap?

    And I'm also wondering, for lady grey london, there is a patent version but the straps are still in lambskin?
  2. The Lady Dior in the Lady Grey London ads are in pearlized patent grey leather. The colour is called (French) "Gris Vision", or "Mink Grey".

    Mink Grey also comes in lambskin, but without the pearlized effect.

    The Lady Dior bags with the double straps may not be available anymore, as they were part of the Dior Cruise 2011 collection. Although Mink Grey is a current (and I believe permanent) colour, the Lady Dior bags with this colour only have a single strap at the moment.

    And a patent Lady Dior should not come with a lambskin strap.
  3. Thanks for the answer, averagejoe :smile:

    I just bought the used Lady grey london (with double straps) but want a single strap as a spare. So, I just wanna make sure that it is in the same color.
  4. Congratulations!!! The one with the double straps is so chic (and rare)!
  5. Does anyone know if the former Shanghai Blue color comes in lambskin? Which are the current colors that are available in lambskin? The ones on are classic colors.
  6. Also what is the name and code for the lambskin version of Shanghai Blue?
  7. The Shanghi blue code is B3, and the colour is called Sapphire. The full code for the medium Lady Dior from the campaign is VRB44551 B3 (I took this from the Dior website).
  8. I see. Thanks cos I am looking for the lambskin Shanghai Blue and is told that Shanghai Blue is only available in patent.
  9. I think that the Shanghai Blue colour's real name is Sapphire (unless it's their Dior Phone, in which case the colour is actually called Shanghai Blue). Sapphire comes in patent or lambskin. But the one that is featured in the campaign is the patent version, so I guess that's why they call it Shanghai Blue.
  10. if have pictures to compare would be even better:smile:, but thanks for clarification
  11. Dear ladies, love your lady diors! I've just started collecting this style and am absolutely in love with the black lamb skin mise en Dior pearl lady Dior from last season and have not been able to find one anywhere anymore! Do you have any suggestions at all?:smile:
  12. I've been saving up and try to get my First Dior bag, which I decided to get a Lady dior, I've wanted them for soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. can anybody give me some information about the limited edition pieces since I want my first lady dior bag to be special. I wanted the 2011 tri color lady dior lambskin but are they already sold out? that is the one I want the most and the second one will be the rosey red kinda color that I saw in the boutique, I remember the SA told me there were only a few of them so I'm not sure if they are sold out yet? can anyone tell me if there is anymore limited edition pieces? I live in SF and there is only one boutique here so If I cannot find anything I like, i might go down to LA or LV and get my first lady dior baggg~ I've tried many colors at the boutique in sf but all the colors just look so good to me and since i can't decide which one i like, i might just go for the limited edition piece. Hope someone can give me more info about that! Thanks!
  13. i believe they are seasonal pieces but in a sense they could be limited as when they are sold out there will be none available. limited edition dior bags have a special numbered plate in the interior like these:

    here is a tri color on ebay from a reputable seller with no mark up!

    it retails for $3,100 so the buy it now would be cheaper when you factor in tax. this bag has been relisted so it was unsold at the starting price last week.

    the recent tricolor with purple, pink, and blue is sold out.
    kawaii7's picture:

    rosy red- was it coral?
  14. wow, how long ago and where was that photo of the Coral Lady Dior from?? as far as I know, you can't buy LDs on their online shop!
  15. ohhh is there a pic of the Lady Dior in the Mink Grey Patent with the double straps?