question about L&O: Criminal Intent

  1. Guess I missed some episodes last season and am having a hard time trying to fill in the blanks...

    What happened to:
    - Det. Logan's last partner Barek?
    - Cap. Deakins?
    - ADA Carver?

    If anyone can let me know, thanks in advance
  2. - Not exactly sure, but it was mentioned that she was transfered? I didn't like her anyway, so I am happy she's replaced :P

    - The actor lives in LA, but the shooting is in NYC, so the actor decided that he was done with flying back and forth, and left the show. In the show, he quit.. he was facing some corruption charges?? :shrugs:

    - The actor quit the show. I don't believe there was an explanation in the show though. I could be wrong.