Question About L.A.M.B. Handbag Line & Update on a Chanel Dilemma

  1. (I hope this is the right place for this post)

    Hi folks, I don't post much, but I was wondering if there are any fans of the new higher end line of bags from Gwen Stefani? Coated canvas logo line and another line of leather.

    I bought the 'Rasta' (kind of an ombre stripe of red/yellow/green) color logo canvas Bowler Bag (I love it!), and am thinking about getting the clutch-style wallet.

    Does anyone know if it, too comes in Rasta or just in the camel color? I find the camel one on, but that is the only color there. I'd like to get the matching to the bag, plus I love how colorful it is.

    Has anyone seen the other color in a store? I'll start calling around, but just thought I'd ask the experts ;o). Does any other store carry the line, anyone know? Elux has a few bags, but that's it.

    Second - I was here some months ago fretting over a situation where I placed 5 Chanel bags with an upscale consignment store who then proceeded to get bad advice that the bags were fake. She sold 3 of the 5 anyway, with caveats to the buyers, some who said they could tell they were real. I suspect I could have gotten more $ for the bags, with someone selling them who was more expert in older Chanel but oh well. Then I found a great online person who knows a lot about vintage Chanel (the bags were all 11-16 years old), and the 2 bags that no one bought from the store, are now with her and she has no problem with them. Thank goodness! I just wish I could have sent her all 5 to sell. I actually came across her site while I was trying to do research to convince the consignment store they were real.

    I am too faint of heart to sell them myself on eBay.

    I just wanted to update those of you who read my old post, and those who replied.