Question about Korean Straight Hair Perms


Mar 15, 2013
Hi, I am not sure if this is the right forum, so please feel free to move it if I'm wrong Mods.

Anyway, I have chemically straightened my hair before in 2012 and it worked beautifully. I dyed it back to my natural colour that June and straightened it in July and nothing went wrong, it lasted about 6 months.

Now I really want to do it again as my hair is horribly frizzy and curly. However my problem is I have bleached underneath my dark brown hair with blonde in January. When I went for my consultation today, they told me they have to CUT OUT the blonde or just not straighten that part at all because it might fall out. My hair is about chest length so if they cut it it will be at about shoulder length…

My question is this, has anyone ever bleached their hair and then chemically straightened it? My hair is VERY thick and strong and I doubt it would break but I'm still worried about it. Please hairdressers give me your opinions! By the way I am in Korea so we would either use a Korean Magic Perm or a Japanese Straightening Perm to do it. Thanks!
Nov 30, 2008
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I'm not familiar with the korean straighteners, although I have used the japanese before on my own hair that I loved! I also used to work in the hair industry and was very much involved with a lot of different keratin treatments, although they work differently than the straightening systems. A lot of the brands now have different strengths and different formulas for different types of hair. So if you get a stylist that knows what they are doing, they may be able to use a stronger formula on your dark hair and then something very mild on the lifted hair. They should also just be able to lower the heat on the flat iron for those sections. Your lightened areas may not be as straight as the rest and you certainly could wind up with very dry, brittle hair where it has been lifted, but it certainly should still be possible.

Whenever your hair is bleached and you go to add in a chemical treatment like this, you just have to be prepared to lose some if it doesn't react well. So if you are okay with having several inches chopped off if needed, it maybe worth it to you. If not, then you may want to wait. In any case, get several opinions from different stylists first and then make your mind up there.

Good luck.


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Feb 7, 2013
^Great advice to speak to knowledgeable stylists. My BFF has chemically treated blonde hair, seemed healthy, had it chemically flattened and her hair broke off in pieces all across her head. She had 4 inches of hair in several places and had to wear extensions for well over a year. I don't mean to scare you but it's a very real possibility the blonde will break. The positive is that your blonde is underneath so won't show breakage as much if it happens. Good luck!


Feb 18, 2012
Korean magic perms are done with heat and chemicals so it's damaging to the hair. I think if your hair is already weak from being bleached youll end up with really dry, brittle, damaged hair after the perm. Will some at home conditioning help? Or you might want to cut your hair and start with healthy hair.