Question about Kooba

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  1. I am trying to buy a Kooba Sienna on ebay, and I have no idea what a real one really looks like...can someone who has one tell me? What is the lining like? Is there a metal "kooba" plate on the outside as well as the inside? What are the dimensions? Thanks so much!! Anyone want to sell theirs?
  2. I'm not sure of the exact details bit i would look it up on google if I were you to see if it comes up. :idea:
    You want to be very careful on ebay that you know your items front and back because it could be those details that can distinguish a real from a fake.
  3. eBay scares me! We have some eBay gurus on here so hopefully one will find this thread and help you out!
  4. eBay scares me too! there are so many that say authentic or genuine but I know with my luck, if I did buy there, it would be a fkae and probably a crappy one too!
  5. yes, paging Chemlex! lol:biggrin:
  6. What's Chemlex???:huh:
  7. Another Purse Blog member who enjoys ebay purchases.
  8. It's a shame no one asked this last week - there was an authentic Sienna listing from one my favorite sellers going that I would have directed you to.

    Your best protection against bidding on a fake is being educated on what the bag looks like exactly inside and out. Since you don't know that, I definitely advise you to go to a store near you and take a peek at the real thing. Then only bid on auctions that have plenty of pictures which assure you it's authentic. Don't be afraid to email a seller and ask them to email you more pictures.

    If there isn't a store nearby where you can look, perhaps someone here will be kind enough to post their pictures.

    If you do end up geting a bag that is fake or significantly different from the purse in your listing, you are protected my Paypal. I keep telling all you ebay scaredy cats about this, so if you don't believe me, read this:
  9. Okay, with chemlex's encouragement I did go to ebay and bought one of the items that she had recommended yesterday. I'm stilll nervous about fakes though. I'm still new to the purse obbession thing.

    Several have mentioned getting fabulous bags from ebay, and ebay itself can be a little addictive. i guess I just want you purse experts to tell me that YES the purses are authentic with the sellers with power seller, all possitive comments, have pictures of the actual bag, serial # card card etc and they state 100% authentic or genuine. After all of this, can they still be lying? How can they sell things much cheaper than at the stores?

    Last question, do any of the fake bags out there look and feel real enough to fool you if you did only have access to pictures of the real thing and do any of the fakes also have fake serial number, care card and dust bags too? Example, can there really be a black leather and a squirrel fendi spy up for grabs as I thought they were impossible to get and you had to be on a wait list.

    Thanks so much for any and all advise, i'm sure that there are others wondering the same thing too.
  10. Sorry I kinda got off the original subject. I moved my question to another thread.
  11. i've seen the kooba a couple of times. when i stop by scoop i'll make sure to look closely at the details again.