question about Kooba Paige

  1. Let's see if I can explain this correctly...Do all Kooba Paige's have those straps with hooks on the sides (inside the bag)? For example, it looks like the picture of the ivory bag has them and the black bag doesn't. For those of you who have the Paige bag, does yours have these straps with hooks? If yes or no, what color do you have?
    ivory.jpg black.jpg
  2. My Paige does not have the hooks inside. I have the antique rose embossed leather. Maybe the older leathers don't have, but the newer ones do? :shrugs:
  3. I ask because I bought a bourbon one off eBay a while back. I have every reason to believe it's authentic, but when I looked closely at a khaki one in Bloomingdales, I saw the straps on the inside and started to worry. :confused1:
  4. mine does and i just got it at the SS so def. authentic
    im pretty sure they are supposed to be there,,,,at least on recent models (i dunno how old surlygirl yours is)
    but all the ones ive seen pics of online and such have them
    and mine does too,,
  5. I have a black paige and mine does not have the straps. I bought it from an authentic seller...they probbaly started putting them on the smooth leather paiges.
  6. oh thats an interesting point, is yours pebbled? ALSO Surlygirl is yours pebbled and akmiller???

    if all of you have pebbled ones and mine is smooth then maybe indeed that is the reason that only the smooth ones have it :smile:
  7. that's interesting. mine is the embossed leather, so maybe the hooks are only on the smooth leather Paiges?
  8. Mine is the pebbled bourbon leather, no straps.