question about kooba leather

  1. hi! i just recently bought a kooba ginger and i'm lovin' it. i use it everyday but i got some scratches on it :crybaby:is there any way to protect it or should i just be more careful? some of the scratches are not noticeable but i almost had a heart attack when i accidentally scratched it with my finger nail. it seems like the scratches disappear with my natural oils or something. please help!:sad:
  2. I have a Cognac Sienna which I wear quite a lot, these scratches appear easily in the Kooba leather, but I find they disappear just as easily just by rubbing the scratch with my finger (unless they are really deep..)
  3. I don't worry much about the scratches, personally. They always come right out when I rub the bag with just a teensy bit of leather conditioner, which I try to do every few months.
  4. whew! thanks for the replies. not so worried anymore :smile: