question about Kooba devin?

  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to the kooba forum, but have been reading all of your posts and it's great to see all of your pics, etc. I found the forum after seeing a pic of the devin taupe in suede. It looks absolutely TDF:drool:! I know, I know, it's suede, but it's gorgeous! I was wondering if anyone has this bag and if its as gorgeous as the pics? Also, is it a light bag?
    Thanks all
  2. It absolutely is a beautiful bag. I had an Elisha in this new suede color but just sold it to finance a taupe suede Devin instead because I just love the style so much better. Most comfortable shoulder bag I've ever had and not too big but plenty of room. LOVE IT! The trim is a gunmetal patent.
  3. That's what I have been looking for "not too big, but plenty of room". I also think it looks good dressy or casual.
    thanks for the response. Did you buy yours from active endeavors or kooba?
  4. I have a black Devin and will be getting a Suede Taupe one shortly. You can use Active Endeavors since they always have a discount code available.
    I second Nunnla...I claim this bag to be the most comfy Kooba to carry of all times. Those wide straps are so soft. Plus it's a very lightweight bag. Holds a ton because of the Balloon bottom but doesn't look huge. Plus there is 2 roomy slip pockets in the front that I carry keys and cell phone in.
  5. I got my Elisha from a reputable eBay seller from whom I've purchased several items - always authentic. But from retail store standpoint, Active Endeavors is a good place, as is Adasa, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorff-Goodman, JMadison, Saks, Nordstroms, Pink Mascara, Revolve Clothing, E-Luxury, Bluefly. All have codes that can be used for discounts at various times. Kooba is always my last choice unless item is on sale.
  6. ooh. The more I hear about the Devin the more I want one. But I'm steering clear of suede. I want a lambskin baby in black. I know they're hard to come by these days so if anyone sees any on sale, please lemme know! :yes: