Question about King Size Toiletry bag.

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  1. Hello. I'm looking for a toiletry bag for my 55 Keepall, and I like the King Size Toiletry bag. I have just seen it on pictures, not in real life. I want a toiletry bag that also can be used in my Keepall on a regular basis to store small items such as wallet, mobilephone, keys, pens etc.
    Anyone that own this toiletry bag? Are you satisfied with it? Maby its too big.. I have also been looking at the smaller size toiletry bag, but I like the look and shape on the King size better.

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  2. NastasiaM53 has a great youtube video on what girly items fit in there. I am sure you find the male equivalent of a blush compact...hopefully this might help you!

    Good luck!
  3. I've considered this too. I love the look but I think it's a little too big for everyday use. I sometimes use the Toiletry 26 for everyday and I find it holds a lot but is still very compact.
  4. Yeah.. Maby the regular size is more handy but I really like the shape and look of this one, and my keepall is 55 so there is plenty of room.
  5. It's very handy and fits loads. It's ok to be too big on most days .. you'll still be able to find your small items and it'd be very useful for when you need all that space ..
  6. Do you own it?
  7. I have both the King size and the Toiletry 26. The King size I usually just use for my personal items like soaps, hair shampoo, makeup, etc. it has room for plenty, but I keep it for toiletry items only. Either way, they are both extremely useful and keeps my bag nice and organized.
  8. I do not. I have played with it many times though and thought about purchasing it to use in my larger bags. But I already have a few toiletry and cosmetic bags as well as small pouches so I never found a real added value for this for my use.
  9. Ok, would be great to see some pictures how it looks to get a impression of the size ;)
  10. it will be big for what you wrote but I see no problem with that
    I always prefer to have extra room than too tight

  11. I will take some and post. Might be a few hours though. I also saw this on YouTube. Maybe if you google "keepall 55 review YouTube" you might find the one guy who did an amazing review of it. It helped zero in my decision.

    Photos coming soon!
  12. Thanks. I've search for it, but only find one with the regular toiletry bag.
  13. Sorry these took so long!

    I'm also in between iPhone quality. Blech.

    For your viewing pleasure.

    The Keepall 55 in Damier Ebene. King Size Toiletry Case in Damier Ebene. Toiletry 26 in Mono.

    I added a few bath items so you could see how things fit, then I remembered you said you wanted to use it to store your wallet, keys, and things like that. So the last photo are those listed.

    Headphones and case,
    Sunglasses inside case,
    Longchamp Case with small toiletry items inside
    Rebecca Minkoff change purse for coins and receipts.

    The case holds much more, but looks nice and comfortable with those items.

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  14. These pictures are making me want this all over again, JazzyMac! :drool:
  15. :d