Question about Kelly Elan & Longue

  1. what's the difference between the two (aside from issue dates)? and which version has the handle on top, vs. in the back? tia!
  2. Kelly Elan has the handle in the back and has to be SO'd. Kelly with the handle on the top is the Kelly JPG.

    This is the Kelly Elan with my favorite shoe I can't really walk in....:rolleyes:
  3. ^^^^ stop torturing me D!!!!
  4. thanks, d. then the version i saw was the kelly longue. it was too long to be the kelly mini. p.s. love your purse! absoutely lucious.
  5. [​IMG] :love:
  6. Shopmom, that bag is perfection.
    Can you post a pic of the back?

    OMG, I almost bought those shoes without trying them on, I would be sore-footed twins with you!! They are so cute! SASSY!!
  7. I am NUTS about these shoes and I bought them without trying them on not knowing that Louboutins run SMALL!!!!!!! 1/2 size small in fact. So all I can really do is stand around with great looking tootsies but I can't walk anywhere!!!!!! LOl......
  8. OT ^^^well, thats the main thing. They are so cute, I want them. but I would have to get them in a 40.5 or something awful like that, I dont think I could stand it...

    still trying to picture that handle on the back...what do you mean?