Question about Katie Holmes' reissue

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  1. Katie's re-issue is absolutely lovely, however, I thought it was leather but when I look at the pic, it looks like it's suede :shrugs:. What do you all think, leather or suede?
  2. I would say suede.
  3. Suede.
  4. me too - suede.
  5. i say suede too.
  6. definitely not lambskin IMO.
    My NM has a yellow colored suede Reissue, it's really pretty.
  7. Wait how much is the yellow colored suede. THat looks too hot NOT TO HAVE!!!
  8. WOW, do you think her bag is a 227? I didn't know they made these in suede :heart:.
  9. ^^I don't know, I always look at it, but never really pick it up.
    Shannon could tell you, but I'd ask for a new one if anyone tries to order one, because the one I keep seeing looks handled, like the color isn't fresh looking after everyone has petted it.
  10. I am assuming that Shannon is your SA. Could you kindly PM me your SA's info so that I could get the details on this?

  11. Yes, Shannon is my SA, I'll PM you now.
  12. Beautiful bag.
  13. What a hot bag! I love it.
  14. i'm just not a suede flap bag fan, i think. i do love her coat though.
  15. Suede... and it looks empty. Bet there's nothing in it.