Question about Juste un clou ring backside

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  1. Hi all,

    I just picked up my JUC ring yesterday and realized it has some kind of mark
    at the back- not inside the ring where all the other stamps etc. are.
    It's at the back and also looks like a stamp but I cannot figure out what
    kind of stamp it should be?
    Now I am a bit worried that it might be a flaw? It does not look irregular though,
    and rather intentional.

    To those owning the JUC ring, may I ask you to check if you also have this
    on your ring?

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. It is a stamp for the country it was purchased in. Mine has it too. Cartier doesn't do their own stamping. It is stamped in the country it is made in. Most likely a dog or eagle if you look under a loop.
  3. Mine has it too. It's a teeny tiny eagle
  4. Thank you farbodvalinia and Greentea!

    I am relieved to hear it has to be like this- will need a magnifying glass though to see what
    it is (eagle or dog).