Question about jumbo flaps

  1. I want to buy my first chanel bag, but it will probably be off eBay because the closest chanel boutique is a few days drive away:sad: So i was on eBay looking at jumbo flaps, and i noticed a few differences between some of the bags. Some had burgundy interior and others were black. Does this mean one of the bags are a fake, or are the interiors different in vintage bags?
    Also this bag says it is caviar leather but too me it doesn't look like leather at all its shiny, or could that be the flash of the camera?
    Have a look and tell me what you guys think!
  2. You should post in the authenitcate this sticky, you can also use the reference thread to see different flaps, not all have the same interior....
  3. I think the older vintage ones had the burgundy inside no matter the outside color. My new Jumbo flap is black inside to match the bag color.
  4. This is NOT authentic at all.
  5. Oh god yeah I just looked at the auction. Could the back pocket be any more crooked?! Yup not authentic at all!!!
  6. personally, i 'd recommend calling the NM or Saks nearest you and buying one from a retail store and having it sent to you. that way, you KNOW you are getting the real thing, even though you are paying a bit more, you get the reassurance of knowing it's real and you get the 1 yr service for free plus you can always return it if you donlt like it. I think you are taking a real risk until you are more familiar with the bags. I would consider myself a handbag expert and I got duped with a fake Gucci a few months back...don't take the chance and let ot ruin your first Chanel experience....we can ehlp you decide on the right color and leather. How often will you carry it, what colors do you wear most and do you want to carry it for dressy and casual? do you work or stay hoem with kids, let us know and we can help you!!

    Good luck, Trish
  7. Yes I agree...