Question about Juicy Charms

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  1. Does the clasp at the top of the charmsopen or is it glued shut?

    I bought some Juicy Boots and thy had a charm on them - but it doesn't open. Is this just because it cameon the boots or is it maybe fake? I've already posted the boots in the shoe section but I am curious about the charm on it.
    Thanks =)
  2. I think it's because it came on the boots. The clasp does far as I know. Or else how would you get it on the bracelet? Or am I misinterpreting your question?

    They also do charms that open and reveal stuff inside the actual charm...maybe a pic would help?
  3. I think Margaritamix is right.

    It probably doesn't open because it is just a little extra adornment on the boots, not a real charm.

    The clasp on the actual charms does open.