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  1. They seem to have great prices and a good return policy. Are they authenitic? Has anyone bought from them and what was your experience?
  2. Absolutely- I purchased a Fendi Spy a while back- fast shipping, too!!:yahoo:
  3. Yep authentic! There stock store...for lack of a better right down the street from me here in NYC.
  4. If Jomashop sold authentic bags, why would they sell at such low prices? I mean wouldn't they make a loss?

    Or does this mean that other shops could probably sell these bags at these prices too?

    And another question to UK fendi lovers; how much are fendi spys in the UK?
  5. To my knowledge, most retail markups are 100%--meaning that if someone is selling something at more than 50% of retail price they are not taking a loss on it. I don't think Jomashop's prices are less than 50% of the retail price. I'm also not sure that Jomashop gets their bags directly from Fendi, though, either. They usually do not have the newest bags, and apparently they often only have 1 of a certain kind of bag, which may mean that they are selling samples or something of the like.
  6. Oh that makes sense actually
  7. I agree with everything here except the part about samples. Jomashop often ships the bags in unopened original Fendi factory boxing and packaging, with plastic still around the handles, the bag in a large white thin styrofoamish envelope/pouch. But I agree they must be "left-overs" from somewhere, and they carry a very limited inventory, one or two of each color/style.
  8. So, does jomashop sell AUTHENTIC Fendi?
  9. The consensus here is yes.
  10. I was also weary at first but decided to take the plunge. I recieved my spy from them last week and it was authentic! The plastic was still around the handles, & it came in a styrofoam looking pouch like Decophile stated. It also helps that they have a 30 day money back return policy, that's awesome. I definately plan on buying from them again soon!
  11. Hi everyone,

    Does Jomashop sell authentic Fendi?

  12. id like to know too. i want to get the black baby spy bag on jomashop!!
  13. Yes they sell authentic spy bags
  14. So far majority 99% says it's authentic and I believe it is.
  15. I bought 2 bags from Jomashop & both were authentic. I definately plan to buy from them again!