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  1. Are their bags authentic?
  2. Yes they sell authentic bags, lots of PFM have bought from them
  3. Thanks! I just fell in love with the Denim Spy.

    *sighs* TPF is bad for my pockets. :nuts:
  4. I think I know which spy you mean... I was looking at that one too before deciding on my corded nappa one from someplace else. Jomashop's prices seem pretty hard to beat, don't they?
  5. Yes! I got my Fendi Magic bag from jomashop.
  6. I've read on here quite a few times that tPFers have bought authentic Fendi and Balenciaga from them.
  7. Yes they sell authentic bags and I for one would definitely buy from them again. Only took me a week to recieve it (US to Australia).
  8. They are. I bought my Baby Spy from and paid WAAAAY more than what it's going to on :crybaby:
  9. Jomashop is great! I just purchased my grey wisteria from them and I have never been in more love!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.