Question about jimmy choo bags

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  1. I know this has come up in other threads- but on my shopping excursion tonight- I wanted to see the Jimmy Choo hobo in person at the Saks where I live and was SHOCKEd that they no longer carry the line. The SA told me that i was better off b/c they always have a lot of problems with the hardware on those bags. But I still love the bags- can anyone tell me if they have had these kind of problems with THIS year's line??? I really appreciate any info b/c I am still trying to decide between that and a few other bags (ie. Chloe Edith, Tod's and now a Prada)

    Thanks you!!!!
  2. Hmmm... I have the Ramona and no problems so far--but I've only had it three weeks! The bag seems SO well-made to me, the leather is scrumptious and the hardware seems solid. My Saks still has several JC bags on the shelves... I wonder if they're all discontinuing it or just your store?
  3. that's weird, my saks had a bunch of jimmy choo bags as of last week.
  4. San Francisco Saks had Jimmy Choo bags today. They had the Rodeo in brown (the hobo style similar to the Ramona), but no Ramonas because they sold out in a couple of days.
  5. I agree with Daisy on the's amazing!!! I only have one and haven't worn it yet...but I can't imagine it's not a well made bag. It is divine!

    Amanda, were they on sale??
  6. they surely make thei bags like their shoes and the shoes are amazing, solid and great!
  7. You didn't ask for opinions on the hobo but... IMO, it really loses some appeal without the double row of grommets that the Ramona has. I haven't seen that one in person but have seen the satchel style with the single row and it's just.... not that hot. It's a totally different bag but I would totally go for Edith over that one (*love*). If you can find it!

    Sorry, couldn't resist!
  8. Thanks Daisy! I welcome any advice on this- especially since I have not seen the hobo in person yet- I was just afraid that the Ramona was too big. THey are so gorgeous, but I am on the wait list for the Edith and am going to wait until it comes in before making a purchase. I really do appreciate all of the feedback!
  9. I have several Choo bags from last season... and yes, I have had hardware problems (e.g. links breaking apart). Although I can't comment on this season - hopefully they are made better!