Question about JAX.....

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  1. My understanding is that if you order from JAX, you pay full price. What if JAX has bags in stock that have been clearanced at the outlets? Can an outlet order a bag from JAX for you so that you can buy it at the outlet price? It is so hard to pay full price for a bag that you know sold for SO much less at the outlets!
  2. great question.. im curious to know the answer??
  3. No. You pay full price, period.

    I ran into this issue with my Kira. I asked and was told "no". Kira was in the outlets, people were grabbing them for just over $300.00 and I was charged $898.00. But that's the price you pay when you want a bag that you can't find.

    I would suggest asking...maybe your CS rep will be more open than mine was...but don't be disappointed if you're charged FP.
  4. Full price only from JAX.
    I was trying to replace a bag that was nearly 1yr old.
    Outlet had had them, but were gone (as far as I could determine).
    JAX had 1 or 2.
    It'd be full price, they told me.
  5. Thanks for your replies..... it's too bad it works that way though! It is one thing to pay full price when a bag just comes out, but to pay full price when you know it sold at outlets for a fraction of that is a tough pill to swallow. I guess it comes down to how badly you want to buy the bag.
  6. Will JAX honor a PCE discount?
  7. I was just coming here to ask the same question. Any chance the bag that Jax has will be sent to the outlets? Then I guess you can get it from that outlet??

  8. Nope they won't....
    In the past, a very nice Manager at my local boutique let me do a return and then a re-buy of the same item (which I'd paid full-price for through JAX) because it was within the 14 day price-adjustment policy, but he said that technically he didn't have to do that since the PCE card says not valid on prior purchases....It's a fine line I guess.
  9. during a PCE your FP store can order from JAX for you and use the PCE. Atleast that is what mine does.
  10. You're right, very true.
    In my case it was Japan Exclusive stuff (which 90% of the time the SA at my local boutique will say they can't order for me because they can't pull it up in their 'system'), so I called JAX and was able to order it over the phone (for full price) and then lo-and-behold a PCE came the next week, so I marched it in there (3 accesories) w/ my PCE card and they did the PA for me. I think I got lucky- probably most SAs wouldn't do what they did.....
  11. Thanks CA, that's exactly why I was asking. I want to order a few of the items only sold in Japan and am trying to hold out for a PCE.