Question about international payments.(US to Europe).

  1. I am considering selling some shoes to a member of tFS. (A trustworthy one :lol: .) She is in the US and I am in the Netherlands. And I have never sold anything before!!!

    She has offered to send me a cheque for the money,and I'll dispatch the bag when the cheque clears.

    Does this work (US Cheque overseas? )? Or do you have to have some kind of special money order/bank cheque/etc???

    (I know that if I made international payments from South Africa I had to get a special bank cheque,but maybe that's just because we had exchange controls???:blink: )

    I have no paypal account ...I had one which I'd never used and I just recently closed it for fear of fraud etc which other members were experiencing.I don't really want another.

    And she's seen about 20 pics of the boots and still wants them :biggrin:.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Bumpity...anyone?:huh:
  3. I really don't know, does your bank have a website, you could go online and see if you could find any info there. Some members have used Western Union but there is a fee for the sender.
  4. I don't know about cheques but I live in Europe and Paypal works great for me. Also, maybe you could do a bank transfer? That way, money can be transferred from her account to yours, it'll only take about two days I think and you'll have a receipt for the transaction
  5. Quirky, I wouldn't recommend a cheque as it takes a long time to clear and bank fees here are quite high to cash it...I'd second the bank tranfer suggestion or Western Union money transfer (safe & quick but more expensive for the sender)
  6. You can do a Western Union transfer through Bidpay and there's a fee for the person who send the money, but bank fees for you can be higher. I think the post office also has international money orders. I'm not sure if they are cashable in Holland--your bank would know. Your bank will also charge you to convert the dollars to Euros. This is why PayPal is so popular!
  7. just a word of caution in regards to bank transfers. Bank charge a fee to sender (obviously) but some banks also charge a fee to the receiver. Be careful
  8. Western Union, Bankwire, Money Order or Paypal.
  9. A check would be so expensive, you'd be losing out. Ask her if she is willing to do a bank transfer instead?
  10. I bought a bag from a UK seller -- she required that I get an international money order. I had to have my bank issue a money order in British Pound Sterling. I sent that to the seller (it cost me $25 just to get the Money Order) So, perhaps you should ask your seller for an International Money Order in dollars.
  11. Thank you for all the advice ladies.

    So far two options then: International Money Order to be made out in euros,or bank transfer.

    For a bank transfer I would need to send her my account number,IBAN and Swift codes,name, this a huge security risk?

  12. not a good order is the safest - or bank draft....
  13. Cool....Money order it is....thank you!!!!:flowers:
  14. I would inquire at your bank just to be sure... Via ABN AMRO for instance they handle int. money orders as cheques -> very long time to cash & high fees! :rant:

    Good luck with the transaction :flowers:
  15. Western Union is the easiest way to go so long as you COMPLETELY trust the party