Question about international buyer

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  1. Hi all, I'm selling a pair of sunglasses and part of my policy is that I only ship to the U.S. I received an email stating the following:

    Hi, I'd like to bid for this pair of sunglasses but I'm an international buyer and I'm not allowed to bid. I have a shipping address in Oregon and I send all my US shopping there to be forwarded to me. Is it possible to open the bid to me? You can look at my feedback! Thanks!

    Does this sound okay to you guys? I checked the feedback and it was positive. I just want to make sure I'm not responsible for the item getting to the buyer past the Oregon address.

  2. If you are accepting PayPal, I would only ship to her Oregon address if it is her confirmed address with PayPal.
  3. Only ship to her paypal confirmed address if this is not the oregon address dont do it!
  4. Thanks ladies! Yes I only accept Paypal, so making sure the address is confirmed seems like the best option.
  5. It would be fine as long as it's confirmed. I don't know about your auctions but I ban bidders from countries I don't ship to. You may have to lift it and other people from that country could potentially bid.
  6. I'm from Canada and my brother in law does this all the time with eBay stuff. He lives in Canada but has a PO Box in the state bordering his province for items that can't be shipped here. I know in the past that he has had people send him an email stating they will not be responsible once the item leaves the address that it has been shipped to and he has to respond to them acknowledging that. That way the seller has proof. Plus I know a few of them use tracking so they know it has arrived at the PO Box. What happens after that is out of their hands.
  7. Hi all, another dumb question, but I can't figure out how to edit my listing to open it up to international buyers - anyone have any idea?
  8. Doing this is very dangerous for a seller. An email means nothing at all when it comes to a paypal dispute. if the buyer puts a charge back in there needs to be signature proof to a confirmed address.
    The seller is always responsible for the item until it reaches the buyer.