Question about interior of bag

  1. Hi, I just bought a Chanel flap bag at a resale store. It has the card and the booklet. However, inside I can't seem to find the little sticker with the serial number.

    It looks like it's from the 90's but I'm not sure. I will post a pic tomorrow.

    Do all the bags have interior serial number stickers?
  2. I think the older versions don't, but it really depends on what year it was made.
  3. what is the starter number on the authenticity card :smile:
  4. hologram staickers started making their appearance in teh 80's. So if you ere told it's from the 90's there should be one. If it's pretty worn, it could've come off however.
  5. Or maybe you got the bag I sold some years back. I felt something gummy in the corner. Thought yuck, what the heck is this and pulled it out. Guess what, it was the authenticity sticker that had rolled up. The bag was the real deal. I had purchased it in a high end consignment shop and after it started to look tired, took it to Chanel for refurbishing. It came back with new shiny chains and the lambskin was looking like new again.
  6. F.Y.I.

    I have a chanel bag from the 90's and it has a hologram sticker.
  7. The serial number on the card is: 5275008

    It also has the tag from the store with some numbers on it.
  8. Is there a way to tell what year a bag is from the serial number or the receipt?

    Thank you all so much for your advice.
  9. The receipt says "aqua quilt" in pen. I think the lady who bought it must have written that.
    As far as the numbers on the receipt:

    ASZ 98P

    There is also a bar code.

    I'll take some pics of the bag and post them too.