Question about informing about finds/deals/steals

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  1. I was walking through town today and got to wondering: there is a deals and steals subforum here and there is so much posted from both big department stores, the brands themselves and websites. Now I live in a city which does not have the brands' own boutiques but it does have a fair amount of mixed brands boutiques and thus a fair amount of the designers tpf is interested in.

    If one comes across an interesting deal or even a full price item but of which we know someone here is looking for BUT it's in a privately owned shop, can we let people here know?
    ex: shop A in city X has bag 123 for 30% off

    My big doubt here would be people thinking someone is trying to sell their own stuff. However, if people can check the shop in question - which with the internet is perfectly possible - and if the poster doublechecks how people can purchase (would they ship, can it be picked up later etc).

    Is it allowed or do the deals/steals places need to be vetted by tpf?
  2. I see threads such as this pretty often in deal and steals.
  3. Yep that is perfectly fine!
  4. oh yes, absolutely! If you see ANY great deals, please post!
  5. Excellent! Thanks so much, just wanted to be sure :tup: