question about inclusions

  1. Do you think the Parme color bracelet can be worn everday?? Is it kinda a neutral color, rather than being strickly light purple. Do you think it matches pretty much everything? thanks..also, do you think its a better choice than the turquoise one?
  2. I would love the turquoise one for myself. The Parme color is fairly neutral though and would go with a lot!
  3. I would consider the parme color a spring neutral. I wouldn't think it would be so neutral in the winter or fall when the color palettes change.
  4. Yes! I wear my Rose a lot (which is very similar in color) and it goes with just about everything.
    Though in my case, since I have such a similar color, I prefer the "turquoise" since it's so different and has a pretty bit of sparkle.
  5. I saw the turquoise last night and really liked it. I think either one would be a nice choice....I prefer the turquoise a little more though.
  6. i think it's a neutral-like color. have fun shopping!
  7. i think it will go with everything since it is such a light colour