Question about inclusion ring ...

  1. I got my black inclusion ring yesterday in the mail and I have 2 questions:

    1) Which finger do you wear it on?
    2) Does the ring come in a velvet black pouch or a beige linen one (same material as the ones that comes with handbags)?

  2. I don't have the ring..

    but I think it comes with velvet pouch
  3. All the inclusion stuff should come in a brown-coloured velvet pouch (about the shade of milk chocolate or wood). I would think the middle finger would make a good place to put the ring. :smile:
  4. i wear mine on my middle finger. it looks more balanced that way, somehow
  5. Mine came in a smaller beige pouch ... could it be fake?:wtf:

  6. All costume jewellry(Vegas collection,Inclusion collection,pins...)should be sold with their brown velvet pouch (we receive them in these pouches).
  7. If you bought it from ebay, maybe the seller lost the brown pouch and just gave you a beige one so that you would have something to store it in?
  8. These inclusion rings, imo would be kind of hard to fake...because they're so...unique.
    But then again, anything can be faked. I agree with smallfry though, the seller may have lost the original pouch, or wanted to keep the original pouch. Personally if I were to sell an LV piece of jewelry, I'd keep the pouch.
  9. I'm sure it's real...they may have received it from their cosignee without a bag...oddly enough some people throw these away!
  10. I already answered this in another thread...but one of my Inclusion pieces (a cell phone charm) came in a dustbag like yours. The rest came in a brown velvet pouch. All are from the boutique too :yes:

    I wear mine on my middle finger. I try to buy the smallest size, but I know that one of my rings is a I wear that one on my index finger since it's too big for my other fingers.
  11. If you just purchased that ring off ebay I believe size 5 by authenticlv it is authentic. She only sells authentic merchandise, and is very sweet ... so your ring is real no worries. I love looking at her items they are just pricey:smile:
  12. I don't have one yet but when I get my new one (either white or pink, maybe both, I haven't decided since my store doesn't even have them in yet!), I'll wear it on either my pointer or middle finger. I wear one small ring on each ring finger so it'll look better probably on my pointer finger. But yeah most I've seen come with the brown pouch, though the small dustbag can be used if they're out of pouches :yes:
  13. Oh and also, I've yet to see any of these faked. Plus, you bought it from a trustworthy seller, so don't worry about it :smile:
  14. Thank you for all the reassurance! I got kinda of nervouse there for a moment ... :sweatdrop:

    The reason I am asking which finger you girls wear the ring is because I can only wear mine on my fourth finger. I would love to wear it on my pointer or middle finger, but unfortunately, my fingers are too fat :s

    Thanks again everyone! :flowers: