Question about Inclusion bracelets

  1. For those who have inclusion bangles, do you wear one or more at a time? If you wear more than one, do they move around and bang together? Do they get scratched against each other?
  2. I have GM size so I only wear it alone..

    I think other ladies who have PM normally wear with other bangles.
  3. mine are the GM size so i only wear one at a time too

    if you get the PM you can wear it with other things because it's narrow enough
  4. Does anyone know the exact date when the berry one comes out?
  5. I was told by my SA, any day now. They got the notice they are in transit to the stores.
  6. I got a berry one yesterday! There is one left. They had just come in to the store in my area. The white ones are not in yet.
  7. Talk about timing, I just checked my messages and the keychains I had put my name down for are waiting for me :smile: And have been since Thursday...yikes, I guess I should check my messages more, So if you are looking for the inclusions they are probably there!
  8. would you wear the white one & the pink one together at the same time?

    I'm on waiting list for both colors, & I'll probably end up getting both.
  9. I'd wear the pink and white together-they'd look adorable!!

    And my one and only bracelet is the yellow PM from the first's wider than the current PMs but smaller than the's kind of in the middle. But yeah, seeing as how it's the only one I have, I wear it alone lol.
  10. I have just the pink GM so I were it alone, but the new berry and white PM would look good together. You could probably wear 2 or 3 together.