Question about Ideeli and membership row?

  1. Anyone a 1st row member?

    Are you satisfied with the service?

    How does it work?

  2. Hi,
    I think I was the one who sent you the invite for ideeli :smile: The differences between the 1st row and 2nd row are that 1st row members can enter into the giveaways when 2nd row members cannot. Some of the giveaways have been really great handbags from Prada, YSL, Gucci bags, etc. Also, 1st row members get an hour earlier to shop the sales before the 2nd row members can and they additionally find out the times of the sales by texts on their cells before the emails are sent out to everyone . I think its 7.99 a month for 1st row and 2nd row is free. Hope this helps!
  3. um how can one get an invite?
  4. not here:nogood:
  5. Thanks sportgirl18 and thanks for the invite!

  6. if one more person offers to invite or asks for one, this will be closed.
  7. While keeping in mind Swanky Mama's warning (let's NOT post about invites!) I had a question about ideeli.

    Has anyone ordered from them before?

    What is their customer service like? Are the bags definitely authentic?

    I ask because I saw a really nice YSL bag for sale there today that I was thinking of buying (it's sold out now) but I realized that I didn't know anyone who had actually bought from ideeli before. Even though they seem legit and guarantee the items to be authentic, I wanted to know if any TPFers had firsthand experience purchasing from them and what you thought. Especially b/c they have a No Return policy.

    Has anyone purchased from them? Thoughts? (And remember as Swanky Mama warned, no invite talk so we don't get the thread closed :smile: )

  8. I have purchased two items from them. A Gustto bag and a pair of Dior sunglasses. Both were authentic. I had to call about a case for the glasses and they shipped it out right away.
    So far, it is good service, but you can't return anything.
  9. I actually just learned about Ideeli a week or so ago, after a consumer reports on one of the local news reports. I don't see a reputable consumer reporter in a major market endorsing a site selling fake luxury goods. I haven't actually bought anything from them yet due to the no returns policy.
  10. So far, it has worked out for me. I did hear about another website that is like Ideeli. Anyone know what it is called?
  11. The only thing I've bought from the sale so far are Dior sunglasses. The bags that they have for sale aren't that great, except the YSL bag a while back. The good bags are always giveaways.

    Another one is Gilt
  12. you can enter giveaways as a 2nd row member, once the item is posted go to the details and call the number listed, then you give them your landline number and they will call you there to enter the giveaway.
  13. I bought the glasses too. I was a little disapointed since they were too large for me. Then I saw them for sale on for the same price AND you could return them! (Which you can't at Ideeli)
  14. I just ordered my second bag today from ideeli, a Kooba Siena which I have wanted for a long time. Although some of the items are not the greatest there are some amazing deals. The first bag I got is an Alexis Hudson clutch that is real and beautiful. I am a big fan of this site...
  15. I have bought a few things too and loved them! So far customer service has been good.