Question about Hype Handbags

  1. I am familiar with Hype handbags, and, truthfully, I love all their styles, but I fell in love with one in particular that I saw at a Marshalls a few days ago, and now it isn't there anymore, and I can't seem to locate the Group or Style anywhere on the internet. It was in a soft cornflower blue and the group name was Marlow, and the Style # is H11904. They call the color Midnight. I got this information off the tag in the store. I believe it would be a satchel with straps that you could actually sling over your shoulder if you wanted to. I was wondering if it was a very old style or if it was maybe a test sample. So, I thought I would take a chance and ask all of you out there if you just might know. The leather was soft and smooshy.:rolleyes: Thank you!!
  2. Passerby- you are too good :smile: What a cute bag, Compass Rose- I'm putting that on the list of blue (sapphire/indigo) bags I was searching for...THANKS!!!
  3. that bag is cute!
  4. betnyp, so you haven't got your bag yet? BTW I suspect CompassRose didn't use google in her search :smile:
  5. Oh, my God! Yes, yes!! That is the exact bag!!!!! are awesome, and yes, I did not use my google search. I used Yahoo. I never thought there was a difference! I could kick myself square in the rear end because I could have made off with it for $99.00!!!!! I stilll might get it because you would not believe how soft the leather was like squishing a marshmallow. I wanted to lick it. Sorry!! Thank you so very much. I thought all was lost. You guys were a great help.
  6. Passerby and betnyp: this is a sequel to the story. I called Marshalls on a whim yesterday just to see if the purse might have been returned and spoke with the woman who actually personally put that purse out on the rack. She said it along with a red one and an olive green one were all gone within a day. Somehow, I just didn't believe her because she mentioned that she likes to pick through the purses herself and that she specifically remembered that exact purse......hmmmmmm. I thought she may have zapped it up for herself. But anyway, on my lunch hour, I went back there, and lo and behold, there the blue one sat......way in the back on the end of the rack. I was sooo happy, and the best part was that it was $89.00 and not $99.00. She might have hid it, but I don't really want to say that. But, I think it had my name on it all along. How about that for luck, huh?
  7. Delighted to hear the happy ending, CompassRose! Any pics, please?

    PS I agree with you, I think she hid it :smile:
  8. :P Yes.....I'll try to post a picture tomorrow. I like it better without all the stuffing in it. Taking all the stuffing out made it a lot smaller. Can't believe it was such a good deal. I was actually going to buy it on line for the $195 price. It would have been worth it for as often as I change out bags! :P
  9. Here's the bag that was calling for me! The color is fabulous! I hope I did this right.............
  10. It didn't work. I have to figure this out.
  11. Oh quick pics please...always happy to check out someone's new bag!! Especially a great-bargain one <yippee>
  12. I hope you can see this. I am soooo computer illiterate. Yikes! It's a great, great color that this picture does not do justice to. I hope you can see the softness of the leather though.........
    Hype Marlow 1.JPG
  13. Congrats, it looks great!
  14. Oh, Compass Rose- it's gorgeous! Such a pretty blue...and I LOVE a bargain- congrats!!!